Writing Retreats/Workshops


Scribbler’s Ink Day Workshop
Athenaeum Library
Salem, Massachusetts
Saturday, January 24th
10:00 am – 4 pm

Writer Image 1Do you love to write? Do you think you might like to write? Did you used to love to write before your inner critic took your muse hostage? Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned writer, one rule is the same for us all. You need to put pen to paper and make time to write.

If you are looking for new ideas, seeking to strengthen or discover your voice in a safe, positive, fun environment guided by an experienced writing workshop leader, then this is the mini retreat for you.

No matter where you are in the writing process; beginning writer, blocked, published or simply looking to test out a different style of writing, come join us at the picturesque Salem Anthenaeum Library for a day long workshop guaranteed to push your writing to new limits in an inspiring, soul soothing environment. Free yourself from the distractions of your every day routine and gift yourself with time to go still and listen to your inner writing voice while enjoying the camaraderie with fellow writers. No spouses, no kids, no dogs to walk or chores to do.  Just write.

Join us for a day of practice writing where you will write in response to prompts designed to awaken your lost or hibernating creative voice. Whatever your genre the prompts will guide you to new and undiscovered story worlds.

You will have plenty of time to write with the group, share your work if you choose, relax and interact with other writers. Positive feedback only, critique is not allowed for any of our newborn creations

At the end of the day you will come away with multiple seeds for growing scenes into full fledged stories or if your work in progress has run into a brick wall, writing to prompts wll break through your block.

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