6/7/14- Daily Prompt

This is where I went wrong…

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  1. Topazshell says:

    Reblogged this on Books Make Me Happy and commented:
    This is where I went wrong today. I got up too early again. I walked to the kitchen half asleep. Then, I walked to the door to get the newspaper. Once I picked up the newspaper I kept walking. I only had my nightgown on and no robe. I walked down the street to the corner. Crossed the street and walked into the toy store. I reached to touch the beautiful pink fur of a teddy bear. That’s when i woke up. I ran out the store. I realized my nightgown was my dress, in my mind. Cars were passing. It was Saturday morning when every person wanted to get makeup, new shoes or a hat for Sunday. I was sure one of my neighbors drove by and beeped his horn. Yes, I’m a sleepwalker. I don’t think there is a medicine or a support group to help me. I have to just keep walking whenever and wherever my legs feel like taking me. Yes, it’s spooky. I’ve woken up in weird places like an all night bar and one time I was turning the door knob of my brother in law’s house. I wanted to get in for some reason. And yes, I have been taken to the police station for all the wrong reasons. I’m not a twerker. I’m not a burglar and I’m not a voyeur. If people would only understand, just put me in a cab and get me back home. I might need one of those bracelets with my name and address on it. I’m not dangerous. Well, maybe I should take that back. I tried to fry an egg in my sleep and burnt the pan. I had a small flame to put out. I live a life of risk because of this sleeping problem. I suppose it’s best for me to live in the woods away from civilization. I wouldn’t get in much trouble there. I wouldn’t be the problem. The woods would be the problem.

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