6/6/14 -Daily Prompt:

Rising early to begin the journey…

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One Response to 6/6/14 -Daily Prompt:

  1. Topazshell says:

    Rising early to begin the journey anew. Each morning is a new journey. I think the journey is also a new adventure. Who knows what will happen in the coming moments or minutes or hours? All I know is that it will involve making decisions. Imagine, all day I make good or bad decisions. That’s one word I shouldn’t misspell, decision. Decisions are as much a part of my life as my muscles and bones and nerves. I can’t say decision making is something that makes me all excited. I grumble about decisions. Always afraid I won’t choose the right fork in the road. That makes me think of Robert Frost, the Poet. He had “promises to keep and miles to go before he slept.” Wouldn’t that have involved making a decision or two? At least, he wrote a poem about the task that follows me everywhere.

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