1/20/14 Daily Prompt:

You asked for this…

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3 Responses to 1/20/14 Daily Prompt:

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    You asked for this

    You asked for this; for my thoughts,
    I gave them to you and you froze,
    You thought I wasn’t deep,
    You thought I had a heart that didn’t beat,
    I’ll show you now,
    I’m deeper than you’ll ever be,
    My thoughts are like quicksand,
    You step into them and sink,
    You’ll never understand what I went through,
    You think I’m heartless,
    I’ve got a bigger heart than you ever will,
    Yes some of the rumors are true,
    But get it through your thick skull,
    Not all of them are true,
    You think I’m crazy?
    Look at some of the people on the news,
    Suicidal teen on the loose,
    That could have been me,
    But I choose to stay and fight,
    Fighting everyday for my life,
    Not wanting to stay alive is hard,
    You should know that it’s was in the past,
    But know that 2 months from now,
    It would be a year,
    From the day I said yes to all my threats and fears,
    But they weren’t from other people,
    They were on the inside,
    I’ve learned not to hide my feelings from the people,
    That only wanted to help,
    Get me through that awful hell,
    But all that’s in the past,
    I’ve gotten better now,
    I’ve learned how to survive,
    And to live with the monsters on the inside.

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