Interview With Character’s -To Kill A Monarch by Gerri Brousseau

Monarch 2For those who haven’t yet read Gerri Brousseau’s To Kill A Monarch, here is a bit about what the story is about before several of the characters give their point of view on some weighty matters such as their story lines, Gerri B Photolifestyle and a furhter wide range of topics. 

Whispers in dark allies say Napoleon’s best assassin, The Falcon, has been sent to London to kill the Monarch. The problem – The Falcon’s identity is known only to the French Emperor. Sir Walter Tinsdale’s new partner, Philip Hamilton, arrives to discover their mission is to find the elusive bird of prey before he strikes. But their nemesis is like a phantom and always one step ahead of them. Enter the lovely Miss Charlotte Winston, the object of Sir Tinsdale’s affections, as well as those of Philip Hamilton. Unlikely alliances, deception, murder, and suicide will keep you turning the pages until the identity of The Falcon is finally revealed. With all the seduction and action of a James Bond movie, To Kill a Monarch is like 007 in 1811.

For Phillip Hamilton: 

What is your most favorite memory?

Phillip: I have rather fond memories of a recent weekend holiday spent at The Black Horse Inn.

Do you get seasick?

Phillip: Not hardly, madam.

What is the least favorite characteristic your writer has attributed to you?

Phillip: That annoying limp!

Do you prefer action to romance?

Phillip: I prefer action in my romance.

Do you have any secret aspirations?

Phillip: Secrets? Always, my dear lady.

For Charlotte Winston

What is something no one knows about you, even your writer?  What would happen if it came out?

Charlotte: I have a soft spot in my heart for small animals and children. I yearn to have a family, but then again, that would make me too vulnerable.

What do you think your greatest weakness is?

Charlotte: My fondness for the telling of tales of intrigue.

What makes you the happiest?

Charlotte: Being wooed by handsome gentlemen.

What is your favorite curse word?

Charlotte: Oh my dear, a lady would never utter such words.

Why do you live on the outskirts of London rather than in the city itself?

Charlotte: I find the city to be far too congested. I much rather enjoy the fresh air than breathing in the smoke filled cloud that lingers over the city. I also very much prefer the privacy that living on the outskirts of town offers.

For Walter Tinsdale

If you could rewrite anything in your story what would it be?

Sir Walter: I would fancy a love scene with Miss Winston, and I would very much prefer a different ending to this tale.

Do you have any siblings?

Sir Walter: Sadly, I do not.

Do you think your story deserves a sequel?

Sir Walter: I have been given to understand that Ms. Brousseau is planning on penning a sequel. If that should prove to be the case, I certainly hope she shall allow me the opportunity to vindicate myself.

What embarasses you?

 Sir Walter: Being played the fool. 

You have something to add, Mr. Hamilton?

Hamilton clears his throat.

“I dare say, my dear lady, perhaps we should offer your readers a little contest. I propose that the readers only comment in order to qualify to win a PDF copy of our tale, To Kill a Monarch. In their comment, they should have to place the words Falcon and Monarch OR Hamilton, Tinsdale and Charlotte. The winner shall have to be selected at random, of course, and the contest will expire at the stroke of Midnight on Tuesday, thus ending the contest. The winner shall be notified by email, therefore they should be certain to leave their email address. Let us now raise our glasses and wish the best of luck to all who choose to play our little game of chance.

If you’d like to keep up with or contact Gerri, go to:!/gerri.brousseau.5

To purchase your own copy of To Kill A Monarch, go to:

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10 Responses to Interview With Character’s -To Kill A Monarch by Gerri Brousseau

  1. Thank you for allowing my rather sneeky characters to visit with your readers. And thank you, Mister Hamilton, for announcing a giveaway. I’ll tell you, you give these characters an inch and they take a mile! However, being the lady that I am, I honor Mister Hamilton’s proposal, so please leave a comment in order to qualify.

  2. C.D. Hersh says:

    History has been one of our favorite topics. On story that gets the ideas flowing is the movie, National Treasure, where the hero Ben Gates has been obsessed with finding the legendary Knights Templar Treasure. He has to deal with clues that start with “The secret lies with Charlotte” that the Founding Father of the United States used to hide the location of the treasure. Of course one of these men was Alexander Hamilton who had been the senior aide-de-camp and confidant to General George Washington. The movie started what has so far been a two part movie series with a possible number three. Many scenes of historic locations were filmed on location, including the scenes for the second story, “Book of Secrets” at Mount Vernon and in the area around Mount Rushmore. Perhaps the third book could use the Mount Tinsdale area in British Columbia as a location. A view of history and secrets that span the time from the revolution of 1776 through the period of “To Kill a Monarch” to present day.
    The book sounds very interesting Gerri. Good luck with sales.

  3. I have seen those movies and enjoyed them very much. I heard or perhaps read somewhere that they are going to make another movie. I would be interested in seeing that as well. Thank you for stopping by and especially for leaving a comment.

  4. What an interesting interview. This truly allowed me to learn so much about the characters already, I can’t wait to find out more about the monarch, as well as learning about the Falcon. Good job!

    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving two comments! To Kill a Monarch was such a fun book to write. If you get a chance to read it, or should Phillip happen to draw your name and you win it, I hope you enjoy it.

  5. This is such an intriguing method of interview. I love how much I already understand and know the characters and cannot wait to learn more about the monarch, but also the falcon! Good Job!

  6. queenbeewannabee says:

    This is such a great way to conduct an interview. More of this please!

    The story sounds so interesting and intriguing – a lot like the Falcon and the Monarch 🙂

  7. KristinStillNeedsAPenName says:

    I really enjoyed the style of this interview. Reading the characters responding in their own voices was different, and gave me great insight into what to expect reading the book. Also made me think of how I could apply this interviewing technique to my pre-writing/character development brainstorming. Thanks for another great interview Scribblers!

  8. Hi Kristin. So happy you enjoyed the interview and glad to open a brainstorming avenue for you. If you get the chance to read Monarch, I hope you enjoy it.

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