8/4/13- Daily Prompt:

Write about a bedroom…

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One Response to 8/4/13- Daily Prompt:

  1. laniparis says:

    Reblogged this on FaerieBread and commented:
    Thanks to scribblersinkblog for this great prompt.

    Here’s my quick contribution.


    As she looked around her bedroom, she had an instantaneous realisation, that this was both her sanctuary and her cell. The walls were not padded or padlocked, she could leave at her own will, yet still something almost tangible kept her secluded.

    One day, she decided to herself, she would abandon her safe haven and venture into the unknown of reality. But, for now, while her imagination of the horrors that awaited her clawed at the dark recesses of her mind, she was content to remain in her bedroom.

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