Jaded Visions – An Interview with Terri Jones

JadedVisions-webcovertouse0812I’m pleased to welcome Terri Jones, author of paranormal mystery; Jaded Visions.

To begin; a bit of background on our author:

calendar2T. L. Jones lives in South East Texas with her husband, Dave, and Teacup Poodle, Winston. She is a military veteran and a former police officer. T.L. uses her law enforcement experience to bring thrilling, believable mysteries to her readers. Along with a vivid imagination T. L. loves anything paranormal and participates when possible in paranormal investigations. T.L. is a member of the East Texas Paranormal Investigations group.

She has a passion for writing and developing intriguing characters for her books. When time and weather permits you will find her scuba diving with her husband.  T. L. is an avid reader and enjoys hearing from her readers.

Thank you for joining us today at Scribbler’s today, Terri.

Tell us a bit about your book?

I would love to Roberta. Jaded Visions is my first novel and I am extremely proud of it. The novel centers on a young woman, Jade Hamilton. Jade has the ‘gift’ of visions. Her visions get her into trouble on many occasions as she tries to help people in danger. Emmie is an adorable six-year-old that Jade risk her own life and freedom to keep safe from a chilling killer.

What Genre do you consider Jaded Visions to fall into?

I would say Paranormal Mystery.

What inspired this story?

This is a question I have always had problems answering. I have no idea. I have always been an avid reader and simply decided one day to try my hand, so to speak, at writing. No idea what so ever in mind for what I would write. I am fortunate I guess since books (literally) write themselves practically. They flow right through my fingers with little thought from me.

When brainstorming a story idea, do you begin with character or plot?

No brainstorming involved really. Except when I give some thought to what I will write next. I mean I do not outline at all. I may give some thought as to which crime I will use in my novels, but really other than the law enforcement aspect I don’t have to think too much. LOL

Do you develop a deep backstory for all your characters before sitting down to write or just have a general idea of who they are?

Absolutely not, my characters are as big a surprise for me as they are for my readers. They develop right before my eyes.

Which secondary character in Jaded Vision was your favorite to write and why?

Emmie Linderhoff without a doubt. She is an exceptional six-year-old with wit, intelligence, and a heart-touching situation.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

When I completed Jaded Visions; I can’t explain the feeling of holding a manuscript that I completed, an entire story full of believable characters with problems and lives taking readers on a journey.

Can we have an excert?

Sure, here you go:

After dinner, Jade bathed Emmie, and told her another Night-time story.

“When are we going to see my mommy and daddy?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Can I call my mommy?”

“No, sweetie they’re not home right now. Try to get some sleep.”

Emmie hugged Jade, and settled in, rolling over on her side with a sigh. Jade ran her hand down Emmie’s long hair. “I’ll take you home soon,” she whispered.

She returned to the kitchen to clean the dinner dishes. She had to let Emmie get to sleep before she brought her vision back. She needed more detail, more information, more anything.

Jade performed her nightly ritual: PJs, taking off her makeup, and brushing her teeth and hair. As she worked, she went through the day’s events.

Walt had actually shared her secret with this guy, a police detective, of all people. Police officers were usually the hardest people to reason with concerning supernaturaloccurrences. Did Ryan even believe in the paranormal? Her father talked about him with such respect, but could he be trusted? He’d seemed nice enough the couple of times she’d ran into him with her dad, but she didn’t really know him.

She’d have to have faith in her dad’s judgment. He’d always been there for her, with good advice. She lay down on the bed to give the vision another try. Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath, slowly, she let the vision take… A small girl lying on her back on…carpet? Definitely Emmie. She’s wearing the same blue sweat suit, she’d had on in the park. She’s staring at the person choking her. Why is she juststaring? Why isn’t she struggling? Why isn’t she making sound? Is she dead? Of course, her gaze is lifeless; her struggles have stopped. The killer’s so angry he won’t stop choking her. What did this child do to anger you so much?

The area is well lit…sunshine? Wait, yes, it’s not carpet, its grass; they’re outside. Look at the hands strangling Emmie–man’s hands definitely, not a big man though, small hands. A tattoo on his right hand in the wedge between the thumb and forefinger, what is it? Focus! Look harder. What is the tattoo?

Screaming…where is the screaming coming from?

Jade sat up and listened. The screaming wasn’t in the vision. Emmie! Jade’s blood chilled; jumping up she ran to her.

What drew you to the self-published route vs the more traditional publishing?

I had a publisher I thought, but without going into details suffice it to say it was an experience I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. I know most publishers are on the up and up, however, mine was not and I prefer to have control now. Self-publishing can be very rewarding and I am making the most of it.

What are the downfalls to self-publishing?

Trying to find the time to do everything needed to complete the book. I hired a consultant to edit, format, and upload for me. Not enough time in a day for one person to do it all. At least not for me.

How do you balance the need for self-promotion vs writing time?

This one is easy. . . I haven’t yet. I have been so busy writing, re-writing, consulting, etc., that the promoting was left completely out of the picture. Not something you want to do as an author! I am learning quickly the importance of juggling both. I find my writing only flows when I’m in the mood, so I make the most of my non-writing time learning promotional techniques and making invaluable contacts to help me reach readers.

Do you have a particular schedule or process you stick to?

Not really, I write when I can. As I previously stated it has to be flowing for me to write. I’ve heard through several radio interviews I’ve done this is common amongst writers they’ve talked to.

Do you belong to a critique group?

I have a small group of authors that I send my chapters to and we help each other out. It’s not a critique group per se, but close enough.

Is there a genre your tempted to write?

I have thought about trying non-fiction a time or two. Nothing specific though.

If you could sit down with any of your favorite fictional character/s who would it be and why?

I would love to sit down with “Grandma Mazur” from Janet Evanovich’s ‘Stephanie Plum’ series. Oh my gosh she is so delightfully hilarious. I have read every book in this series because of this character. I can see me evolving into Grandma Mazur. She is an OLD WOMAN who packs a gun and takes nothing from anyone!

What word makes you the happiest?

I think ‘imagination’ simply because anything is possible.

What sound or noise do you love?

My grandchildren’s laughter.

Favorite curse word?

Oh wow, I have so many. LOL

Favorite animal?

Dogs! They love unconditionally and are always there for you.

Go to snack when writing?

Chocolate, anything chocolate!

What would you most like your reader’s to know about you that they might not read in your official bio?

That I am a person just like them. Nothing special, easily approachable.

If you could only give one piece of advice to an aspiring writer, what would it be?

Read what you’ve wrote before you let anyone publish it!

What’s next for you?

Inspirational speaking as a writer, I hope. I have had experiences I hope to share with other’s struggling through this industry.

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6 Responses to Jaded Visions – An Interview with Terri Jones

  1. Nice interview, Terri. I though I was the only one who experienced writing this way. I sit down and type and the words seem to flow from my fingers. It’s as if I’m allowing the characters to tell their stories and I’m merely their transcriptionist. It’s amazing to me what comes out. An intuitive told me I was a writer in my last life and that’s why writing comes to me that way. OK, I can handle that just as long as the words keep coming. Congratulations on the release of Jaded Visions and any wishes for much success with it.

    • Terri Jones says:

      Thank you so much Gerri. It’s nice to know there truly are writers like me. I knew there had to be. 😉 You do describe it just like it happens. Amazing! Yes I had a few psychics tell me I channel for a passed writer. Who knows how or why, I just enjoy the experience.


  2. Beth Moffitt says:

    I have read every book and every rendition of TL Jones’ work and with the ending of each one, I can’t wait for the next! Absolutely love the story lines, great plots with twists and turns, draws you in and keeps you on the edge of your seat continually flipping pages!! I admit, some of the books I have had to skip to the end to read because the suspense got the better of me, but I went back and read everything inbetween so I wouldn’t miss a single word!! And I can’t wait for the next book released!!

  3. Darlene says:

    Terri I have bought and read all of your books. I think you really bring your characters to life for your readers. I even loan out my extra kindle (and hard copies) to my friends so they can enjoy your books too. Great interview and I look forward to reading more of your books in the NEAR future!! Keep writing!!


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