Romance Recipes and Hard Core – Interview with author Jennifer Lowery

Jennifer Book CoverI’m very excited to welcome Jennifer Lowery founder of Romance Recipes and author of the recently released romantic supsense novel; Hard Core.

Jennifer Lowery photoFirst, a bit of backstory for our author:

Jennifer Lowery grew up reading romance novels in the back of her math book and on the bus to school, and never wanted to be anything but a writer.  Her summers were spent sitting at the kitchen table with her sisters spinning tales of romance and intrigue and always with a tall glass of ice tea at their side.

Today, Jennifer is living that dream and she couldn’t be happier to share her passion with her readers.  She loves everything there is about romance.  Her stories feature alpha heroes who meet their match with strong, independent heroines.  She believes that happily ever after is only the beginning of her stories. And the road to that happy ending is paved with action, adventure, and romance. As her characters find out when they face danger, overcome fears, and are forced to look deep within themselves to discover love.

Jennifer lives in Michigan with her husband and two children.  When she isn’t writing she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Thank you for joining us today at Scribbler’s Jennifer.

Hi Scribblers and all you fabulous readers out there *waves* Thank you so much for having me today!

What can you tell us about yourself that wouldn’t be found in a bio?

Oh, boy! Well, I’m an introvert. Yep, totally shy and hate large gatherings and crowds. Absolutely dread speaking in front of people. I’m thinking if I ever hit the NY Times Bestseller list and actually get to do a book signing one day I could get over it, lol! Oh, and I can’t write if my house is dirty J And I love Hershey’s kisses and sun tea.

Your blog, Romance Recipe’s is a unique idea-tell us a bit about it?

I love to bake. My family is probably laughing right now because when I got married I could burn water, lol. But, I taught myself to cook and ever since I have loved it. When I first started blogging I was struggling to come up with my own blog ideas. Blogging was a whole new world for me and I wasn’t good at it. So I started brainstorming blog ideas and Romance Recipes was born.

What inspired the idea of combining romance novels, and recipes?

I took two things I loved: romance books and recipes, and turned them into a blog. 

Do you match the recipe to a specific story line or character?

I leave that up to the authors. It’s preferable that they tie the recipe to the book, but not necessary.

Go to snack when writing?

Hershey’s kisses.

Please tell us about your book?

A supposedly hassle-free job for mercenary Cristian Slade becomes a mission of mercy when he saves a life instead of taking one. Slade’s new mission might be his most dangerous yet, because the danger is to his heart.

Tragedy has sent esteemed surgeon Alana O’Grady to a remote a remote Nicaraguan island where she immerses herself in the lives of a native American tribe, using her talents for goodwill instead of wealth and prestige. But life turns upside down when her work requires she protect a rugged mercenary who commands her attention when she’s awake and dominates her dreams while she sleeps.

Doctoring Cristian puts her entire tribe in danger from the man who’s hunting him. Is it her professional oath or her unprofessional attraction to him keeping her from sending him away to heal on his own? Alana’s fire warms Cristian’s heart, but he’s a hardened assassin and has no business falling for someone like her. 

Can they fight hard enough to keep what they might have together?

What type of recipe goes with your story Hard Core?

My hero, Cristian Slade, cooked this French cuisine dish for heroine surgeon, Alana O’Grady: Halibut with Parsley-Lemon Sauce.

Do you go with the detailed outline before beginning a story or are you more of a write by the seat of your pants girl?

Definitely a pantser! I’ve tried to outline and plot, but feel like I’ve already written the story and lose interest before I even start.

Do you prefer plot driven stories or character driven?

Character, all the way!

How deep a backstory do you give you secondary characters?

I flesh out all my characters. They all get strong GMCs (Goal, Motivation, Conflict). It’s important for every character in a book to have GMC no matter how big or small a part they play.

Do you feel Romantic Suspense is your genre or do you feel a crossover somewhere in your writing future?

I find it hard to fit myself into a box. I write RS with military heroes that can fit in a contemporary genre. I like to think of myself as an action, adventure, romance writer.

Can we have an excerpt from Hard Core?


Prepared to start an IV, she picked up a needle. She had it in position when his other arm shot out and he clamped her wrist in a bone-crushing grip. Startled, she met his panicked gaze.

“I said no needles.”

Her heart banged against her ribcage as she let the needle slip out of her hand. It hit the floor with a small ting. Alana opened her hands in surrender, her patient’s fingers digging into her flesh. For a man half-dead, he had amazing strength.

“Okay,” she said to placate him. “Relax, I don’t have it anymore. It’s your choice, but I recommend you let me start an IV for meds.”

“No. Just fix me.”

Alana pinned him with a no nonsense stare. “I’m not impressed with Superman heroics.”

Face pale and drawn, he said gruffly, “I’m not Superman. Learned not to trust people with needles.”

Her fingers were going numb. “If I remove the bullet without pain medication or anesthetic, you’re going to be sorry.”

He studied her. “You’re really a doctor?”

Alana bristled. “Technically, yes.”


She didn’t have time to explain herself with the amount of blood seeping from his gunshot wound. “I went to med school. You can let go of my arm now. I won’t use any needles.”

He looked down and immediately released his grip. She rubbed her wrist to soothe away the ache. “Can I get to work now, or do you want to question me more about my credentials while you bleed to death? I don’t have a blood bank, so you’re screwed if you lose too much.”

Her blunt statement received a curt nod. She normally didn’t talk to her patients like that. Her patients didn’t normally countermand her either.

“Do it,” he said.

“Without anesthetics?”

“I don’t need them. Just get it over with.”

Stubborn, stupid, or both? Insane, yes, but there wasn’t time to argue with him.

“Okay. The offer stands if you change your mind.”

“I won’t.”

She doubted that, but didn’t comment. Instead, wiped her forehead with her forearm, and picked up gauze pads to clean the wound.

“Here goes,” she warned and dabbed his skin.

Her patient didn’t move or even wince as she cleaned the angry wound. Either he had a will of steel or he’d passed out again. Hopefully, the latter. Sweat rolled down her back as she finished cleansing the area around the bullet entry. Red flesh puckered with the first signs of infection. In this environment infection was guaranteed.

With a steady hand that would have made her father proud, she picked up her instruments and took a deep breath.

“You still with me?”

He murmured a response, turning his head slightly so he could see her. The stark beauty of his profile, despite the bruises, struck her again. The lines of his face were chiseled, unforgiving. The kind of man she’d glance at twice if she passed him on the street.

A man associated with a criminal.

“Still here, Doc. What are you waiting for?” Husky with pain, his deep voice brought her out of her thoughts.

She gave herself a mental shake. “Want something to bite down on?”

A small, wry smile touched his lips and his lids closed. “You won’t hear a peep out of me. Just fix me, Doc.”

“I can hit you so you’ll sleep through it,” she muttered.

That drew a low chuckle from him. She didn’t expect him to have a sense of humor. He seemed too…hard. His chuckle turned into a grunt of pain. “You probably hit like a girl.”

Alana grinned. “Yes, I do. Rest assured it won’t feel like it.”

“Appreciate the offer, but, no.” His words slurred together, his muscles tense as he fought his body’s demands.

“You got a name, Superman?”

His head rolled to the side, his chest rose and fell slowly. She thought he was out but he murmured, “Cristian.”

“Nice to meet you, Cristian.”

Then she dug into the wound for the bullet.

When you do an interview like this what is the one writing process question you hope not to be asked?

Are you a fast or a slow writer? I’m a slow writer, but I’m working on it

Do you have a particular writing schedule or process you stick to?

I do like my routines, but life doesn’t often let me stick to them so I write when I can. I’ve learned to write whenever, wherever. I prefer my office, but write in the living room or in coffee shops when I have to.

If you could sit down to dinner with any of your favorite fictional character/s who would it be?

Any of Cindy Gerard or Cherry Adair’s heroes *sigh*

What was your biggest obstacle in getting from first draft to publication?

Learning the craft of writing.

Do you have an agent?

Nope, but not for lack of trying.

Would you care to share a bit about your next project?

Which one, lol. I’m almost finished with Book #1 in a new bodyguard series of 6 brothers that I am loving. The Wolff Brothers are so much fun to write. All former military, alphas, loyal to family and very protective. My heroines, on the other hand, not liking the over-protective, alpha clan. The book I’m almost finished with features a pararescuer (I love PJs) and a photojournalist.

I’m also working on a Christmas anthology with two other lovely authors. This one will be out November 1st and is titled, Christmas in Camouflage. Don’t you just love that title! My story features a Navy SEAL

I’ve also started Book #2 in my Onyx Group/mercenary series which will be the sequel to Hard Core.

A perfect day of relaxation for you would be?

I’m not sure what you mean, lol. But, if I were to get one of these mysterious days I would sit and read in my pajamas.

If you could only give one piece of advice to an aspiring writer, what would it be?

Write the story the way you want to write it. Don’t worry about genres and word count. Just write the story from your heart because that is the story you will sell.

Thank you for joining us at Scribbler’s!

Thank you for having me today, Scribblers!! I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to all my readers out there! Without you I wouldn’t be here. My wish is to one day meet each and every one of you so I can personally thank you for your generosity and support! 

To check out the wonderful Romance Recipe’s Blog:

To purchase your own copy of Hard Core:


Lyrical Press

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22 Responses to Romance Recipes and Hard Core – Interview with author Jennifer Lowery

  1. It occurred to me after I wrote this post that I should have given my wonderful readers the link to the Romance Recipes post for the Halibut Slade made for my heroine! Duh! So here it is in case anyone would like the recipe:
    Thanks for coming by everyone!! I really appreciate it! Enjoy!

    • Diane Burton says:

      Jennifer, your Romance Recipes site has given so much exposure to authors and their books. That is so generous of you. I enjoyed reading this interview. Like you, my mother didn’t know how to cook when she got married. She made sure her three daughters wouldn’t be in the same situation. I started learning to cook when I was ten. I love cooking for big events–Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. But I hate the day-to-day, trying to come up with something interesting. Mostly it’s boring same old, same old.

      • Thank you so much, Diane!! I just love doing RR and meeting new authors and trying their recipes! It’s awesome! And I’m the same way-love cooking big holiday or special occasion dinners! It’s definitely the day-to-day that gets boring 🙂

  2. karenlopp says:

    I love Halibut. Thanks for the recipe. And fun post on how it all started. I never knew you could burn water:) 🙂 Shared.

  3. Melissa Keir says:

    The cover is smoking hot! Thanks for sharing how Romance Recipes came into being! It’s a great site! I’m always drooling over the food and the covers! 🙂

  4. lizaoconnor says:

    Recipe won’t help. I can’t follow instructions, it’s against my nature. I did invent pudding one day when trying to make a white sauce to pour over my brocolli. It wasn’t very good pudding, so I never invented it or tried to make white sauce again.

  5. Great interview, Jennifer. I tweeted!

  6. Maria D. says:

    Lol…I think a lot of people end up having to teach themselves to cook after they get married. I love to bake too but I hate the cleanup…i just want to mix, bake and eat and leave the cleanup to someone else but since i don’t have any fairy pixies to clean up after me…lol…Congratulations on the newest release Jennifer! Lately I’ve heard a lot of authors say it’s hard to get an agent – which is just strange to me since you are already published with one eBook publisher I would have thought it would have been easier but I guess not. Keep plugging away! Thanks for the interview.

    • Thanks so much, Maria!! I will admit, I haven’t tried to get an agent since I’ve been published. I haven’t given up yet! And, yes, I would love a cleaning fairy too!

  7. Daryl Devore says:

    I was a burn water type also.
    I read Hard Core and LOVED IT!!! If someone likes a really hot tough guy vs determine woman romance – buy this book.

  8. D'Ann says:

    Great interview, friend! Sorry I’m so late. I can’t boil water. I hate to cook. You have the best recipes on your blog, so wish I could cook.

  9. malanouette says:

    I’m going to use this recipe for the fish I cook for my hubby ( I don’t like fish 🙂 ) Wonderful interview.

  10. jacqueline buchanan says:

    Great interview Jennifer, thanks

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