Interview with Juliette Guidara; author of 5.4%

Julliette's book coverScribbler’s is pleased to welcome Juliette Guidara, life coach, and author of the eengrossing memoir 5.4%

Juliette Photo-FinalA bit of backstory on our author:

Juliette Guidara was Vice President of Operations for multiple companies in Los Angeles before becoming a hypnotherapist.  Her certifications include: Complementary Medical Hypnotism, Removing Imprints, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming.  She is a published author, a certified Tong Ren Practitioner, a raw food chef, teacher and instructor as well as a Debra Macki certified Make Up Artist.  But above all, she is a wife who loves her husband.

Thank you for joining us at Scribbler’s today Juliette

What would you most like our reader’s to know about you that’s not in your official bio?

I am a total goofball and love to make people laugh.  Since my childhood was rather tough, I learned to appreciate friends more than your average happy-go-lucky kid.  Besides Frank, my friends are my most valued treasure. There is nothing I would not do for a friend. 

 What would be the blurb you would give to describe your book in three lines?

 5.4% is an open invitation to the most gut-wrenching time in Juliette’s life.  Crippled by fear of losing her husband before their first wedding anniversary, Juliette bares her emotions and shares everything it took to save Frank’s life.

What inspired you to not only write, but share such personal experiences with the larger public audience?

Ego and privacy had no voice.  Pancreatic Cancer is one of the most devastatingly horrific ways to die.  You literally watch your loved one starve to death and the inhumane side affects from chemo are beyond comprehension as to what anyone should have to endure, or witness.  When Frank was diagnosed, I was desperate to talk to someone that had survived.  There was no one.  I promised God that if Frank lived, I would share everything we had to go through and everything we learned to hopefully help save a life. 

Do you think a person has to believe in alternative therapies such as Tong Ren or acupuncture for it to work?

No.  However, the person has to be open to allow healing to take place. Negative individuals who have made up their minds that complementary healing modalities are useless will most likely not benefit from them.

How much do you think the type of food consumed determines whether you at one point will be diagnosed with cancer or a life threatening illness?  How much do you think is simply a pre-determined fate?

I believe that “dis-ease” and illness come from three sources.  One – The Spiritual State.   If a person identifies with victimhood or an illness and wants to die, nothing will help and sometimes the best and most helpful thing one can do is assist that person to move on.

Two: You are what you eat.  If you pour sugar water into your gas tank, your car will not run.  I am deeply worried and very angry about what the American consumer is lead to believe is healthy.  I could go on for days here about what not to eat and why, but not everyone is ready to hear that message.  I found “The China Study” by Dr. Colin Campbell, and “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer very enlightening.  I do have to go into the pre-determined fate a little bit though.  “xxx runs in my family, there’s nothing I can do.  It’s in my genes”.  I hear that a lot.  Well, it’s almost never in the genes, but the shared lifestyle and diet.

Three:  Environmental toxins are everywhere.  You can be the healthiest eater in the world but if you live in a polluted environment, use cosmetics that have cancer causing agents in them (soaps, shampoos, conditioner, make-up, hair spray, body lotion, sun screen, etc) and use cleaning materials in your home that are toxic, your immune system has to spend all of its power to combat those things and can not focus on its number one function – to heal your body.

Do you have any interest in attempting to write in another genre?

At this point I am so busy with my hypnotherapy practice and Tong Ren healing, I could never turn clients away in order for me to write.  There is nothing more beautiful than to see patients turn around after they were told to prepare to die.

What was your biggest obstacle in getting from first draft to publication?

The pain.  Every time I wrote, I sobbed my way through it.  Frank would come home at night and immediately knew whether or not I had worked on 5.4%.  My eyes were swollen and red, my nose would make Rudolph break into a jealous fit, and I still had my PJs on.  Once I felt that the book was ready, after many revisions, I just needed to get it out there.  I self-published through Create Space.

Can we have an excerpt from your book?

Of course:

That afternoon, I went online to research pancreatic cancer and my world came crashing down on me.  Survival rate:  5.4%.  I doubled over at my desk and felt myself being pulled into the fetal position.  I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t breathe.  I let myself fall to the floor and crawled to the phone, somehow managing to dial my friend, mentor and Angel Number One; Marie-Lou.  She picked up the phone but I couldn’t make a sound.  I tried to talk, but my throat was closed.  I tried to breathe, kneeling on the floor in my office and finally, some God forsaken noise came out. 

“Juliette?”  Marie-Lou asked hesitantly.  I have no idea how she knew it was me; we have an unlisted number.  I still couldn’t talk.  I still couldn’t breathe. 

“Juliette, is that you?” 

I knew I had to say something; otherwise she might confuse me with a perverted caller and hang up on me.  Somehow, from deep inside, came something that must have sounded like a yes. 

“Oh sweetie, are you ok?” she asked. 

I still couldn’t talk and by now I must have sounded like I was choking and dying.

“JouJou, sit down and breathe.  Remember how we worked on breathing?  Whatever is going on in your mind right now, shift 50% of your attention away from that and onto your breath. That’s good honey, place 50% of your attention on breathing in, feel your breath enter your nose, down your throat and into your lungs, and now 50% of your awareness on your breath as it leaves your body.  Good.  Now let’s continue doing this for a while, ok?  You still know and feel everything that’s going on around you and within you, but keep 50% of your attention on your breath.  Breathing in, breathing out.  Breathing in, breathing out.  That’s it.”

LouLou must have talked me into breathing for at least 10 minutes before I could function.  When I told her what was going on, she simply said:

“No problem sweetie, we can handle pancreatic cancer.  Frank is going to be ok.”

“Lou, it says that pancreatic cancer is one of the fastest, deadliest cancers and that some people die within the first few weeks after being diagnosed,” I sobbed.

“I don’t care what it says, Juliette.  Whoever came up with these numbers doesn’t know you, and they certainly don’t know Frank!”

 Gulp. “So you think there is hope?” I asked.

 What’s your next project?

To further study food and nutrition and their impact on human well being.  I want to die old, feeling young!  Tong Ren has become a major part of my life and every afternoon, I do 3-6 sessions with people from all over the world.  Seeing them get better fills me with purpose and joy.  There is, however, a slight stirring to do a cookbook for cancer patients.  We’ll see.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Yes.  Mine.  “Everything your body does is a direct result of something you do.  Instead of listening to your body, trying to understand what it is so desperately trying to tell you, you shove a pill down your throat and shut it up”.

As a life coach, what is the one piece of advice you would put out in the universe for everyone to absorb?

Find your beautiful perfect self again by connecting to the source via meditation.  You were born a brilliant, perfectly lovable bundle of light.  Then life happened and society, religion, authority figures and family members put layer upon layer of limitations, restrictions and boundaries around you and before you know it, you’ve lost sight and touch of your beautiful self.  The thoughts you have now do not define who you are. 

What do you like to do to relax?

In the winter, there is nothing like a hot bath, a glass of wine and either a long meditation or a good book. Bikram Yoga is another form of meditation and I love focusing entirely on my body (mostly, trying not to pass out and die) and detach from the mind for 90 minutes. In the summer, we go for long walks around “our” little island which is beautifully rejuvenating. And, of course, my heart soars on the back of a horse.  Always.  Anywhere.

What is the strangest characteristic about yourself? (that you are willing to share)

People tell me EVERYTHING, even total strangers.  Frank and I can stand in line at Whole Foods, and the lady in front of us will turn around and tell me about her butt warts!!!  I guess people, like animals, sense an unconditional caring energy about me that just allows them to feel safe and open up.

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