4/9/13- Daily Prompt

Sitting in the subway as the train pulled away and the doors closed, I saw the canvas bag on the seat next to me…

Today’s genre is Mystery/Suspense/Gothic/Horror

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2 Responses to 4/9/13- Daily Prompt

  1. Sitting in the subway as the train pulled away and the doors closed, I saw the canvas bag on the seat next to me…

    At first I thought nothing of the dirty bag that had been left on the seat next to me. I was too tired to think, really. But in the back of my mind, a nagging voice said I should pay attention. So, just in case it was a bomb, not that I really thought it was, I got up and walked towards the other end of the moving train.

    Along the way a man called out to me, “Miss, you left your bag.”

    “It’s not mine,” I said carelessly and continued on my way.
    At the next stop, the conductors’ voice came over the intercom advising us to stay seated while security boarded the train.

    I reached down to see if I had a signal on my phone. I hated being late to meetings and it would be nice to be able to send a message.

    “Put your device down!” shouted a security officer. I looked over to see who he was shouting at wondering if I should be worried. I looked up into the eyes of a scared sweaty man in uniform pointing a shaky gun right at me.

    I dropped my phone in my lap and raised my hands. As I did, I quickly glanced over my shoulder to in case I was wrong and he meant someone behind me.

    Suddenly I was surrounded by a mix of security officers and police officers. The trains’ other passengers scrambled to get off the train and as far away from me as possible.

    I wanted to ask what was going on but could not find my voice. I knew this was a mistake but didn’t dare move a muscle as I looked at the first shaky gun that had been pointed at my face. From the corner of my eye I could see someone point to me.

    “it was definitely her bag.” I heard a familiar voice and turned to see the man from the other side of the train.

    Officers near the bag yelled for everyone to evacuate. Bomb Squad officers started boarding the train and one sat directly in front of me. He rested his elbows on his knees, lifted his cap and said, “Let’s talk.”

    Submitted by Gabriella Hancock

  2. Sitting in the subway as the train pulled away and the doors closed, I saw the canvas bag on the seat next to me…

    Marilee leaned back against the cold concrete wall, watching the doors close and the train pull away. Her train. The one that would in three stops take her to her car and then twenty minutes after deposit her in her driveway where he waited. Where he always waited for her.

    Each time the cars squealed up to the platform she told herself to get up. She told herself it was time to go, but no matter how hard she tried or chastised herself for being such a coward she couldn’t seem to propel her body off the dirty, uncomfortable stone bench. Sighing Marilee told herself she’d go on the next one for certain. Not that she had much choice It was the last one of the night.

    She inched over and gave a polite smile to the tall, distinguished looking man taking a seat beside her. With her first quick look over at him she knew from the black shearling overcoat he wore down to the black leather boots covering his large feet this was not your typical subway commuter. His hair was long, dark, raven black and tied back in a neat poneytail with what looked like an old metal clasp. The design was ancient celtic and it reminded her of a ring she had once seen in an antique shop hidden away at the end of a small alleyway in Edinburgh’s old town.

    Marilee couldn’t make out much of his face in profile except he had a fine straight nose and a perfectly formed chin. He was wearing sunglasses. He sat there motionless, like a statue with his hands clasped in his lap. He didn’t look around at the crowd of people now crowding the station. He simply stared straight ahead until the shriek of the cars rattling down the tracks filled the stagnant air. As the train rumbled in he stood and quickly moved to the edge of the platform leaving a large brown canvas briefcase on the bench behind.

    “Sir!” I called. I grabbed it up and hurried after him. “Sir!, You forgot your bag.”

    He turned just as the doors opened. “I didn’t forget it, Marilee.” He stepped inside the car. “Take good care of it, love. I hope it gives you all you’ve wished for”

    I stood there, staring at him for a long beat, unsure what to make of this strange man who somehow knew my name when the doors slammed shut and the train sped off leaving me alone looking down at the now vibrating cloth satchel in my hands.

    Submitted by Bobbi Lerman

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