10/25/12- Daily Prompt

Out on a blind date you realize you left your glasses at home and are literally blind without them…

Today’s prompt courtesy of the creative musings of Gabriella Hancock.
Today’s genre is romance

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One Response to 10/25/12- Daily Prompt

  1. Doing her best not to squint again, Janet leaned closer to Orlando. His photo was hot but no way of knowing now, was there? Well, she would have to rely on her other senses.
    Cologne (check)
    Deep Sexy Voice (check)
    Only she couldn’t tell if he was smiling at her or laughing at her. Apparently he had white teeth, no problem seeing them through the blurr.

    Honest to God, what a day to forget her glasses.

    “If she gets any closer she’s going to be on my lap!”

    “Oh!” exclaimed Janet.

    “Is something wrong?” Orlando asked sounding confused.

    “I’m sorry about that.”

    “About what?” he asked.

    “What is she a mind reader?”

    Janet worked to shake the confusion . It sounded like he was talking TO her and it sounded like he was talking ABOUT her.

    The waitress interrupted her thoughts with “are you ready to order? preferably sometime this century” Janet looked at her in shock almost forgetting her order. She was grateful to have chosen a restaurant she knew well and did not need to look at the menu.

    “Please, order first,” Orlando said politely and then rudely added, “I hope she doesn’t think I am loaded, the wine alone is more than I wanted to spend.”

    Suddenly it clicked. She was hearing his thoughts.

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